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The Misery Merchants

Life and Death in a Private South African Prison

Misery Merchants provides a deeply human view of how prison privatisation affects the lives of often vulnerable people and how a wealthy multinational corporation earned a handsome profit off the prison, while escaping any responsibility for serious human rights violations. 

How communities are defying the Ingonyama Trust’s land grab

Ahead of SA’s watershed 1994 election, 3-million hectares of KwaZulu land were transferred into the Ingonyama Trust, under the Zulu king. On November 22, the high court in Pietermaritzburg will hear residents who claim they have been unlawfully forced to pay rent to the trust, which, aside from having never received a clean audit, appears

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11 July 2019: Princess Oluwapelumi Adewale, a 17-year-old boxer in a training session with her coach at the National Stadium in Lagos, Nigeria.

The rise of women boxers in Nigeria

Boxing is not new in Nigeria, but female boxers have only recently started commanding the respect they deserve in and out of the ring. They still earn less than their male counterparts, though. Ishat Oriyomi, a 23-year-old amateur boxer from Nigeria, is kicking her feet in the air in short sharp thrusts. She is standing

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Prison company stalls court actions

British multinational security company G4S wants the high court in Pretoria to suppress evidence that could reveal widespread torture and abuse of prisoners at its Mangaung prison in Bloemfontein. G4S has demanded that the medical files of inmates are not to be made public. The inmates allege that the multinational tortured and injected them against

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Aidan Berry Plants

A joint can still get you in the joint

In 2012, I was arrested with two friends for smoking a joint I had just bought off a car guard in Melville, Joburg. Now that dagga has been partially legalised, I feel I can come out of the pot closet. On September 18, the Constitutional Court ruled that the cultivation and use of dagga is

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